Our Company


With date October 26, 1971 there was founded the EXPORTADORA DE AJONJOLI LTDA.

In this date the warehouses and facilities of PLANTA EL CARMEN were constituted, placed in the km 178 San Sebastian, Retalhuleu, Guatemala.

The company initiated his operations exporting NATURAL SESAME to 99.5 % of purity, to the international markets.

In the year 1985 the HULLED PLANT was constituted, with chemical process, and in the same year initiated the EL CARMEN BRAND, obtaining since then an excellent quality and a very good acceptance on the international markets.

In 1987 EXPORTADORA DE AJONJOLI, LTDA. with the intention of separating the areas of commercialization and production, formed the company PROCESOS FABRILES, S.A., remaining the first one as entity tollcorn.

For this there generated a contract of exclusive lease of the facilities property of EXPORTADORA DE AJONJOLI, LTDA. with PROFASA.

In the year 1991 ” PROFASA ” continued with the exportation of sesame seed and initiated operations with HONEY BEES, obtaining good acceptance on the international market, managing up to the date to rely on with an exclusivity of selling towards the German market.

With the target to extend the markets of HULLED SESAME SEED, in the year 1994 the  approval was obtained on behalf of the group McDonald’s, to be able to sell the product to baker’s in the United States, Japan and Brazil, which could be attended successfully in the crop 1994/95. Given to this has wide requests of the EL CARMEN BRAND for the bakeries of USA, and also consuming countries.

Additionally to this exclusive market, is provided with support in Australia, New Zealand, northerly countries, Sweden and Finland.

In October, 1997 during the fair of ANUGA realized in Germany, contact was had with the principal importers of Sesame Peeled for the market of Scandinavia, obtaining of this an exclusive relation for both, both on the market and in the handling of the EL CARMEN BRAND.

During 1998 it was possible to attend successfully the market of USA, the German market, and the market of Scandinavia and a new relation began with the company of Japan, who for PROFASA was a completely new market. Also during 1998, for the second time, it was possible to supply the Spanish market for bakeries.

As for HONEY OF BEES, in 1998 managed to do a volume for the German market and for the English market, be received both markets the satisfaction of the product.

During 1999 it was possible to supply satisfactorily the following markets: Scandinavian countries, Spanish market and the Japanese market.

In this crop the German and English market was attended. The volume of exportation of this product tended to go down because the European Union established certain parameters of quality that the Honey Bees of Guatemala did not fulfill.

In 2000 the same markets were kept on attending with Hulled Sesame Seed, increasing during this crop the selling of Natural Sesame Seed for Japan.

And in Honey Bees, a considerable decrease was had in the participation of this market, since the Honey Bees of Guatemala continued without fulfilling with the quality norms established by the European Union.

For 2001 the demand of Hulled Sesame Seed has planned to be covered and to increase the volume of selling of Natural Sesame Seed for Japan, since his behavior has turned out to be establish than the Hulled Sesame Seed.

Also PROFASA obtained the certification of AIB (American Institute of Baking) with the qualification of excellent, in the year 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

It belongs to the Exporters’ Trade Union of Non Traditional Products of Guatemala, as well as to the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala.

In Plant El Carmen is done use of the norms of HACCP, BPM and they give constant trainings to the employees

At the beginning of the year 2005 Profasa was certified by the Program of Social Fulfillment of McDonald’s, to be able to be providers of raw material to the bakeries providers of McDonald’s.

Profasa was certified by the Norm ISO 9001:2000 for Hulled Sesame Seed, Natural Sesame Seed and Honey Bees.

Also in 2005 Profasa funded PROFASA INTERNATIONAL GROUP, in Miami, USA.

Profasa is working on ISO 22,000:2000.